Core Products

Distributed as a SaaS, SoRisk3 is your holistic Platform hosting proprietary Engines ranging from Regulatory Advisory, Data Management, Risk and Compliance Calculations, to Regulatory Reporting.

Our proprietary application dedicated to Inclusive Finance, that leverages on the SoRisk3 Engines.

A subset of SoRisk3 pertaining to online Education, Training in Risk Management, Compliance, and Digital Transformation-related topics.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Through our focus on Regulation Technology specializing in risk management and compliance activities, we have built a proprietary cloud-based platform in accordance with the CSSF Circular 19/714, to assist Risk & Compliance professionals in performing their regulatory obligations efficiently (both in terms of speed and quality) but at significant lower cost than traditional web-based solutions.

The Company assists its clients in all relevant communications (notification, filling register template...) towards the CSSF pertaining to the Circular 19/714.
Abiding by the CSSF Circular 19/774 SoRisk3 is available, at the discretion of clients, either as a (i)private or hybrid cloud with data centers (e.g. servers or other IT-related infrastructure) located in Luxembourg and (ii) under a single-tenant or multiple-tenant SaaS architecture.

To ensure a high level of of both security and data privacy for its customers, the Company has partnered with :
  • Regulated entities locally (licensed as "PFS", certified as "ISO 9001:2008" and "ISO/IEC 27001:2013") for the management of the underlying cloud infrastructure, by considering all relevant European Union legislation in relation to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Legal institutions with expertise in IP/TMT/Data Protection.
These partnerships aim at guaranteeing that customers' data is fully protected and dynamically secure, allowing SoRisk3 & Compliant to focus on its "Know-How".
No, it does not!

SoRisk3 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform developed by experienced Risk Managers for Risk & Compliance professionals to assist them in performing their regulatory duties in a fast, timely, and transparent manner and at a significantly lower cost than older technologies. This is achieved by capitalizing on smart or emerging technologies yielding positive externalities to organizations.

Thanks to its flexibility / agility and use of emerging technologies, SoRisk3 is easily customizable to meet each client's requirements , and acts rather as an internal software tool for the Risk & Compliance professionals or functions.

Therefore, the activities of risk management and compliance are neither outsourced to the Company nor somehow jeopardized on the basis of substance requirements that may be raised by any relevant regulatory text(e.g. CSSF 18/698 ...). On the contrary, SoRisk3 strengthens the implementation of robust risk management and compliance practices within regulated financial institutions.
Yes, it does!

SoRisk3 & Compliant provides its clients with advisory services in Risk Management and Compliance. The services are two-fold: on one hand the so-called "classic advisory", and on the other hand the subscription to SoRisk3 (SaaS).

Within its "classic advisory" service, the Company provides clients with on-site solutions either on a part-time or ongoing basis. For instance, in the context of substance issues triggered by a temporary absence of the risk management and compliance function(s) (e.g. departure or other unexpected events), the Company assists clients, through its Team members, in filling temporary or Interim vacancies until the regulatory issue is permanently resolved. Another example is the Company's ability to support, on a temporary or ongoing basis, the quantitative risk and IT departments of large financial institutions (e.g. Banking groups, etc.) on specific business projects or missions related to risk management (e.g. enhancement of reporting systems, development / validation of risk models, etc.).
Yes, it does!

As a matter of fact, the Company has partnered with a few local organizations so as to provide training in (regulatory) risk management, compliance, and also IT (coding / programming classes in various languages) towards professionals operating in the asset management, banking, insurance, and education sectors. On request, the Company is also providing tailored training programs related to specific topics in Risk Management and Compliance.

Eventually, online trainings taking the form of private or group webinar sessions will be provided, on request, to SoRisk3's subscribers. The benefits of such online trainings for an organization are flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.
Yes, it does!

SoRisk3 does utilise Machine Learning (ML) to bring value added translation services for its subscribers. As a matter of fact, the Platform uses a Deep Learning (DL) algorithms to provide its subscribers with custom translations (as an example) ensuring synergies between the proprietary calculations and reporting engines, via the algorithms hosted into SoRisk3.

The key benefits generated by such synergies allow PRIIPs manufacturers to use a single cost-cutting platform for the production of PRIIPs analytics, generation of KIDs, and translation of KIDs into different languages (e.g. context of cross-border distribution), thus saving time and effort.
Yes, absolutely!

The Company has partnered with relevant and reliable data providers so as to provide subscribers of SoRisk3 with a means of cost-effective data, feeding automatically the proprietary engines hosted into the platform.

This integration allows the subscribers of SoRisk3 to efficiently monitor their data allowance in a transparent manner, avoiding potential contract breaches that might lead to pecuniary costs.
Yes, absolutely!

SoRisk3 applies ML techniques (Machine Learning) on Data file schemas, in addition to proprietary algorithms so as to deal with file formats sourcing from any external service provider.

SoRisk3 & Compliant continuously invests in R&D so as to ensure, that the benefits of emerging technologies deliver both high quality and cost-effective solutions for its clients.

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